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Benefits of DIY Toys for Children

Personally, I like the DIY manual.

Therefore, I am in favor of letting children participate in DIY hand-made. In fact, letting children do DIY manual besides exercising their children's hands-on ability, it is also a good activity to enhance feelings and improve parent-child relationship.

The child is also brainstorming at the same time.

The process of making a hand is also a process of learning knowledge so that the children can naturally learn happily while playing.


In order to let children watch TV and play computer less, I always say,

"Come, let's do some manual work."

When he hears this, he will come to the mood, become excited, and hurry to find the tool materials to use. Anxious to ask

"Dad, what are you doing today?"

What makes me realize the deepest is to enhance the child's self-confidence.



Because of the usual practice in this area, children benefit from hand-made production, and their ability to focus on comprehension and learning has improved.

Children are often praised by family, friends and teachers. He is also very happy and has a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, and this self-confidence will play a positive role in the child's progress.

When it comes to DIY toys, many parents will say that there are too many toys for children and there is no need for DIY toys.

But there are too many toys. The children not only don't cherish it, but they are tired of playing a few times. Where can they get the role they deserve?

But DIY toys are different, it is a lot of fun.


The benefits of DIY toys

Developing intelligence

Parents take their free time, and DIY toys with their children, encouraging them to think boldly and actively, is a new way of education.

Diy toys can guide children to make full use of their imagination and make some toys they like. They can help children better understand the world around them and cultivate their observation, thinking and creativity.


Cultivating character

In the process of making toys with parents and children, they need to consult each other and cooperate with each other.

Parents need to consciously develop their child's initiative and ability to think independently and let the child be the protagonist.

Encourage your child to encounter difficulties and find ways to stay in the end and form a pleasant environment for learning and cooperation. This is important for cultivating children's creative ability and good personality.


Accompany your child

Parents and children with making DIY toys, not just playing, is the best time for parents. Diy toys are not expensive and have tutorials, children will enjoy their own hands.


DIY Toys Recommended

Ferris Wheel Wooden Music Box

The Ferris wheel will also turn when this music box is sung. The song is Laputa: Castle in the Sky, an empty bench, a silent Ferris wheel...

The assembly is very simple, just follow the instructions, I worked for an hour.

The music box is ready-made, just splicing the outer shell. There is no glue in the parts package, but in fact, some parts need glue when assembling. I use hot melt glue because it works fast.

About 1 hour to DIY


DIY 3D Flim Projector

This was a fun build. Not too difficult and pretty straight forward. There really isn’t any need for additional or other film strips. This is more of a show or conversation piece, but still a working projector. Very impressive design and use of old and new technology.

Very suitable for Dad to do with children, after done, a sense of accomplishment!

About 3 hours to DIY


Simon’s Coffee DIY Miniature

amazing kit! My first miniature house kit, and it's all I wanted it to be! Excellent quality, accurate instructions, and a space for creativity if you want to "make it your own".

As mentioned in the description, glue and paint is not included when air shipped. Just get transparent glue from any crafts store. Paint is not necessary, needed only if you want to change things. I bought acrylics colors to replace the light wooden patterns in some pieces.

About halfway through, and really enjoying it! and bonus.

About 4 hours to DIY


Pocket Printer

Bluetooth 4.0 connection, connected to the phone print APP, you can print photos, memorandum and records, users see the information on the phone screen can be printed instantly, the APP offers a variety of fonts and themes, makes your photo stylish.


You can record the scenery you see, the exercises you did wrong, work schedules, his or her sweet words, and make all beautiful moments permanent anywhere, anytime!