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Wall Touch Quantum Lamp
Wall Touch Quantum Lamp
Wall Touch Quantum Lamp
Wall Touch Quantum Lamp

Wall Touch Quantum Lamp

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1:Functional description:

The touch modular LED system splices hexagonal modules together by magnetic attraction. Users can DIY splice different patterns according to different numbers of modules, which can give consideration to wall lighting and decoration.

2:Product classification:

Conventional touch module, powered by AC/DC 24V




The sensor will detect the user's operation and execute the corresponding light on or off mode only by lightly touching the module to be lit.

5:Installation steps:

a:Select the installation location you want and ensure that the socket is at a sufficient distance from the wire.

b:Connect the power supply to the rear of a single hexagonal lamp panel.

c:Drill holes on the back of The Wall and fix the first hexagon on the wall with nails.

d: Use glue and other means to fix on the wall. (Special reminder: when splicing large light screens, it is recommended to reinforce the modules in the middle with nails, which will give strong support to the surrounding modules).

e:Splicing each hexagonal body together, and mutually adsorbing the modules through magnetic force.

f:After the module splicing is completed, gently touch with your hand to ensure that each hexagonal lamp panel can emit light.

g: Just touch the module you want to light with your hand, and the built-in sensor will detect your operation and execute the corresponding light switch operation. Do not operate with explosive force.


A power supply can supply up to 20pc, and once more than 20 pc, it needs to be add another powered.

Do not expose this product to sunlight or damp areas.

Please use the factory configured power adapter and do not use other power adapters.

It is strictly prohibited to put this product into a fire source or close to a high temperature source to avoid fire and explosion hazards;

Unauthorized disassembly or rough use is strictly prohibited.

Do not pull the power cord plug hard. Press and hold the module connected to the power supply with one hand, hold the plug with the other hand and gently pull it out. 尺寸_wps图片7891011121314